Sattatree - Live Reggae with spirit

In the rainy springtime of 2010, Sattatree have taken the opportunity to mix their songs, that have been recorded a while before, at Planet Earth Studios. Aldubb gives these songs a classical rootsy touch. Melodica is a crucial part of the sound, as well as Jimmy’s original voice and lyrics.
Frequently joined by friends from all over the world and local hosts, Sattatree's concerts are a always a special experience - a nice trip to the times when reggae was handmade band music.

One-Drop Music has released their first Album "Rootsman" on CD, as well as a 7inch record of "Babylon", opener of their "Rootsman" album, with a dubby melodica version on the flipside.

At the moment Sattatree are busy at Planet-Earth-Studios producing their second full length album, containing 12 songs, not only Reggae, as well we get a touch of classic Afrobeat and R'n'B. After multiple requests, eventually we get a song with german lyrics on this. So tension is rising....

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