June 17 2011



Aldubb is the resident sound engineer at Planet Earth Studios Berlin, where he records, mixes and produces all his music. The most in-demand dub re-mixer in Germany has developed his own trademark sounds, using a combination of classic vintage equipment and the latest in 21st century digital studio technology.

Aldubb always busy doing mixes and remixes for reggae artists and bands from inter and outernational for labels like Echo Beach or Irie-Ites. He's a skilled producer for varios styles of music, from strictly rootsy productions like Sattatree's "Rootsman" via high-energy dubstep like Braintheft to ambient chillout productions, that can be heard on "Atmo & The Lightz", which is the first 30 song double-CD Aldubb produced with his friend Dr Atmo.

Aldubb's live set is based on his own productions, which he rearranges live on stage by jamming with the original tracks on his controller setup... multitrack dubs.

As well Aldubb is involved in the Irieland-Soundsystem, where he services and finetunes the big 12k speaker stack. Irieland crew can be heard regularly on Dubherz Radio streaming live from planet-earth studios.

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